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I got invited to an Anniversary party, what do I bring?

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By: Patrice Marrero

It can be hard to figure out what to give as an anniversary gift when you get invited to an anniversary party. Are you related to the couple? Were you the maid of honor at their wedding? Maybe you just met the pair last week, but hit it off and got an invite. All those scenarios call for a different type of anniversary gift, and there's a ton of options, no matter your budget.

You've been best friends with the husband or wife since elementary school.
A special gift is in order for your special friends. Break out that old shoebox full of pictures, and find the oldest, most embarrassing photos of the couple. Scan the photos to your computer, and create a modern Moleskine photo album. They will love to reminisce about their entire relationship, and will appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

The bride or groom is your sibling.
Go big or go home! If you have a large family, start a pool for a group anniversary gift. The bigger your family, the better the gift! Large families could purchase a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast! The couple will be excited to get away from the stresses of everyday life so they can enjoy each other's company.
If your family is on the smaller side, get the couple a gift card for a fancy restaurant in town. A simple night out, especially if the couple has kids, will feel like a vacation from it all.

You're the parents.
Your kid has made you proud, and now it's time to celebrate his or her true love. It would be a great time to bring out any family heirlooms, and pass them down. Especially if they are something the couple can use together, such as a set of fine china, which they can use at important dinner parties and family holidays.

The couple is your mom and dad.
Your mom and dad have celebrated many anniversaries together, and are grateful for each one! They can't wait to spend the day with the family and friends who have helped pave the way for the successful relationship. As they grow older, it can be harder to keep up with housework. Hire a housekeeper to come clean, or a lawn company to come mow the lawn, for a period of time. They will appreciate those extra few hours they will get to spend together, since they won't have to concentrate so much on housework.

The couple is a coworker or acquaintance.

It can be hard to pick out an anniversary gift when you're not close with the guests of honor. Pick something that everyone likes. A box of chocolate from the local chocolatier is bound to satisfy everybody's sweet tooth. A nice bottle of wine or champagne will provide the couple with a perfect night in. Combine it with a Redbox gift card and a box of gourmet popcorn, for an extra special touch. No matter who you are to the couple, help them celebrate with a thoughtful anniversary gift and help them enjoy their many more years to come.