Wedding Anniversary Gifts and ideas by Year

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Wedding Anniversary Themes and Gift Ideas by Year:

Collections of Gifts Ideas!
 Framed Poems
 Diamonds  Silver  
Gold  Pearls  
Crystal  Leather  
Silk  Satin  
Lace  Picture Frames  
Lingerie  Jewelry  

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Black Pearl
Pendant Necklace
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anniversary gifts  
AnniversaryTraditional ThemeModern Theme
1st AnniversaryPaperClocks, Plastic, Gold JewelryIdeas
2nd AnniversaryCottonChina, Cotton, Calico, GarnetIdeas
3rd AnniversaryLeatherCrystal, Glass, PearlsIdeas
4th AnniversaryFruit, FlowersAppliances, Linen, Silk, Nylon, Blue TopazIdeas
5th AnniversaryWoodSilverware, SapphireIdeas
6th AnniversarySugar, IronWood, Candy, AmethystIdeas
7th AnniversaryWool, CopperBrass, Desk Sets, OnyxIdeas
8th AnniversaryBronze, PotteryAppliances, Linens, Lace, Tourmaline JewelryIdeas
9th AnniversaryPottery, WillowLeather, Lapis JewelryIdeas
10th AnniversaryTin, AluminumDiamond JewelryIdeas
11th AnniversarySteelFashion, Turquoise JewelryIdeas
12th AnniversarySilk, LinenPearls, JadeIdeas
13th AnniversaryLaceTextiles, Furs, CitrineIdeas
14th AnniversaryFlowersGold Jewelry, OpalIdeas
15th AnniversaryCrystalGlass, Watches, RubyIdeas
16th AnniversaryWaxSilver holloware, PeridotIdeas
17th AnniversaryShellsFurniture, WatchIdeas
18th AnniversaryFeathersPorcelain, Cat's Eye JewelryIdeas
19th AnniversaryChili PepperBronze, AquamarineIdeas
20th AnniversaryChinaPlatinum, EmeraldIdeas
21st AnniversaryBrass, NickelIdeas
22nd AnniversaryCopperIdeas
23rd AnniversarySilver plateIdeas
24th AnniversaryMusical instrumentsIdeas
25th AnniversarySilverSterling silverIdeas

26th AnniversaryOriginal picturesIdeas
27th AnniversarySculptureIdeas
28th AnniversaryOrchidsIdeas
29th AnniversaryNew furnitureIdeas
30th AnniversaryPearlDiamondIdeas
31st AnniversaryTime PiecesIdeas
32nd AnniversaryConveyances (e.g., automobiles)Ideas
33rd AnniversaryAmethystIdeas
34th AnniversaryOpalIdeas
35th AnniversaryCoral (Jade)JadeIdeas
36th AnniversaryBone chinaIdeas
37th AnniversaryAlabasterIdeas
38th AnniversaryBeryl, TourmalineIdeas
39th AnniversaryLaceIdeas
40th AnniversaryRubyRuby, GarnetIdeas
41st AnniversaryLandIdeas
42nd AnniversaryDeveloped real estateIdeas
43rd AnniversaryTravelIdeas
44th AnniversaryGroceriesIdeas
45th AnniversarySapphireSapphireIdeas
46th AnniversaryOriginal poetry tributeIdeas
47th AnniversaryBooksIdeas
48th AnniversaryOptical goodsIdeas
49th AnniversaryLuxuries, any kindIdeas
50th AnniversaryGoldGoldIdeas
55th AnniversaryEmeraldEmerald, TurquoiseMore
60th AnniversaryDiamondGold, DiamondMore
75th AnniversaryPlatinumDiamondlike Stones, GoldMore
80th AnniversaryDiamond, PearlMore
85th AnniversaryDiamond, SapphireMore
90th AnniversaryDiamond, EmeraldMore
95th AnniversaryDiamond, RubyMore
100th Anniversary10 Carat DiamondMore

 anniversary gifts


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