Home Decor Anniversary Ideas

Home Decor Anniversary Gift Ideas


When it comes to choosing the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one, a good idea can always be something that will be used to make the house that you share look more attractive. This can be a thoughtful and romantic way to celebrate the life that you have built together, and can also mean that you get a practical or decorative item that you can both enjoy together.

Whether you are following the traditions in terms of the materials that are traditionally connected with each year of marriage for your gift idea, or you just want to find something that you think your partner will love, here are some ideas for home related anniversary gifts.

Bed Linen

Cotton is the traditional gift material for the second wedding anniversary, and silk or linen for the twelfth. This means that for these anniversaries if you are sticking to tradition, beautiful bed linen that will look attractive on the bed that you share and feel comfortable and nice when you sleep can be a really appropriate gift. However, even if you are not going down the traditional route, bed linen can be a good anniversary gift as it is something that is symbolic of the relationship between a married couple. Whether you choose luxury high thread count cotton like this or sensual satin sheets like these you will not go wrong with this as a present.


Bronze is traditional for the 19th anniversary, copper for the 22nd, and silver plate for the 23rd, so these are all good years to consider a nice sculpture to display in your home if you like metal artwork. While you can choose a sculpture or just about anything that your partner is interested in, from abstract art, to their favourite animal, many people tend to choose a sculpture that represents a couple together or even a family if they have children. This can make the sculpture an even more touching gift that is really appropriate for expressing their love on this important anniversary.

Home Decor Anniversary Ideas
Home Decor Gift Ideas


Clocks have become adopted as a traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary in more modern times, where people tend to find it difficult to choose something really special using the traditional material of paper. Because clocks are now part of tradition for the first wedding anniversary, a lot of people opt to get their partner a watch, but if you would prefer to get something for the home you can find some beautiful clocks like this one that can become part of your home decor and also make really appealing gifts. Another reason why people like anniversary clocks is because they signify time, which is very appropriate for an anniversary.

Whatever the year of anniversary that you are celebrating, you can find some great home decor ideas that will become good gifts. Even if you are sticking with the traditional wedding anniversaries by year, there is usually something you can do related to your home. These gifts can be symbolic or simply something that you think your partner will really appreciate.