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Top five anniversary gifts that all Men want!

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By: Patrice Marrero

Picking the perfect gift for a man can be hard. Whether you're searching for a fifth anniversary gift for your husband, or a 60th birthday gift for dad, it can take some serious thinking to come up with something that will put a smile on his face. If you're stuck, check out this quick gift guide that has everything you need in order to pick out a sure thing.

Man Cave Must-Haves
Give your guy the man cave of his dreams. His kingdom isn't complete until he has enough toys and accessories to make his friends extremely jealous. His friends will be thirsty. Keep the beer flowing with a brand new Kegerator. You'll also want to add a few things to keep the men busy. A dartboard, air hockey table, or pool table as a birthday or anniversary gift will guarantee you the 'Wife of the Year' award! If your husband doesn't have a man cave of his own, purchase a fire pit for the backyard. He'll love being able to host summer bonfires in the yard with his buddies.

Tickets to the Show
Whether your dad likes comedy shows, or your husband wants to watch his favorite basketball team play, you can purchase a set of tickets that will make anyone happy. Consider who you are purchasing a gift for. If early in your relationship, you went to see a great concert, a perfect first anniversary gift could be tickets to the same band's new tour. If your brother is a die-hard baseball fan, get him tickets to a game when their biggest rival is in town, for his thirtieth birthday gift.

Fan Favorites
Every guy has something they love. Whether they can't miss a single game if their favorite team is playing, or they never miss when their much loved band comes to town, you can play off this. If the sports season is just about to start, get your guy a jersey with his favorite player's name on the back. It can be his new lucky shirt, and then you can take the credit for each time they win while he's wearing his new garb. The more musically inclined will rock out to the 'best of' album that was just released. You can't lose when you pick one of your husband.s favorite things as a birthday or anniversary gift.

Pimp His Ride
Does your husband spend Sundays washing his precious car in the driveway? Spring for that stereo system he's been pining over, or get him a gift certificate to have his car detailed. You can then spend Sunday celebrating your anniversary, while he takes advantage of his anniversary gift.

He'll Always Be on Time
In recent years, smartphones have made wristwatches unnecessary, but that doesn't mean every man shouldn't have one! These timeless pieces are stylish, and are a man's answer to jewelry. Spoil your husband with a fancy wristwatch for a tenth anniversary gift. It.s basically the equivalent of you receiving diamonds. He will be that thrilled!

Whatever you choose as a gift for your favorite guy, he will love it because it came from you.