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It's my first Wedding Anniversary, what should I get my spouse?

By: Patrice Marrero
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They say the first year is the hardest, so congratulations! You made it! Now, you want to let your spouse know how much this year has meant to you. If you're looking for a traditional gift, you will want to pick something paper themed. More modern couples can employ the newer theme of first year anniversary gifts; clocks. No matter what you choose, your thoughtful first anniversary gift will surely be memorable.

Pretty Paper

When you hear "paper", it doesn't exactly scream passion, but you can get a truly special gift that will qualify as traditional. Instead of a fresh bouquet, which will wilt and die within a week or two, give your wife a colorful origami bouquet! It will last much longer, and help her remember your first anniversary each day. If you're more of a hands-on husband, you can purchase a kit that will supply you with everything you need to make your own origami bouquet at home!

Over the past year, have you found yourself keeping track of your husband's schedule? You may want to give him a Moleskine planner. Moleskine products are known for their sleek design and durable quality, and your husband will love showing off his first year anniversary present. Before you wrap it up in pretty wrapping paper, be sure to write your anniversary date in to make sure he remembers for next year!

Nothing but Time

Time is on your side. You've gotten nothing but tons of it, so celebrate your first anniversary with a clock themed gift. Your life will cherish an elegant Movado wristwatchMovado wristwatch. For an extra special touch, engrave a sweet saying into the band. If your wife isn't a fan of wrist wear, hit up local antique shops. Search for a pretty antique or vintage desk clock, for her to keep on her nightstand. Her first anniversary gift will be the first thing she sees each morning, when she wakes up. Talk about starting the day with a smile! Your tech-loving husband will love a new gadget. Hook him up with the latest and greatest smartphone. Although it's not technically a clock, it does have one as a feature! You can also download an alarm clock application, to make the theme a little bit more official. Do you want to gift something that will last longer than the time it takes for the next generation phone to come out? Go back in time, and buy your husband a classic pocket watch. This gift will be so special, and makes a great heirloom.

Get out and Do Something

Exchange gifts somewhere special. Take a drive to your ceremony or reception venue. If it is appropriate, and there is no other couple currently saying their vows, you could even bring a picnic basket and a bottle of wine, to toast to your memorable first year anniversary.
If you had a destination wedding, and it's not possible to take a trip, relive your first date! The nostalgia will make you feel like teenagers in love, and will be the perfect way to head into your second year of marriage with an added spark.

No matter what you do, celebrate your love, health and future together. It's only just begun.