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Celebrate with your own anniversary traditions

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Starting your own anniversary traditions can be a fun way to celebrate each passing year with your spouse. Traditions help you plan how to spend your day and can create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Here are a few ideas to help you start your own traditions for celebrating your anniversary:

Picture in a picture
When you start this tradition, take a picture with your spouse on your anniversary (or a picture of the two of you holding a photo from your wedding day). The next year, take a picture of the two of you holding the photo from the year before. Get large photos to hold, or even poster-size pictures to stand next to, so as the years pass by you can see multiple anniversaries in one truly memorable shot.

Count the years
Another fun picture idea for couples celebrating their anniversary is to have the number of years you have been married somewhere in the photo. So, for example, a couple could hold a wooden prop number one, or draw a number on a chalkboard or even hold balloons - one for each year.

Have your cake
Did you know that most bakers will make the top-tier of a wedding cake for couples celebrating their anniversary? It is fairly inexpensive and a great way to celebrate another year together. Get the same flavor cake as your wedding day, or even have it decorated like your cake was, to share with your spouse on your anniversary. If you kept the toasting-glasses from your wedding, pour each other a drink to toast to another year as you cut into your cake.

Dust off the dress
Are your wedding-day outfits destined to spend a lifetime in the closet? Get them out to wear for your anniversary day celebration! For bride's who love their dress but don't want the appearance of having just said their vows, wear a cardigan over the top of the dress for an elegant, dinner-friendly style. Many women even have their dress altered into a completely new style, or dyed a different color so they can enjoy it year after year.

Start a game To do this, couple's pick a favorite game to play each year on their anniversary, but there's a catch: the game never ends. Let's say a couple loves basketball, they play a one-one game together on their anniversary, keep score and put the scoreboard somewhere for safe keeping. The next year, they get out the scoreboard and pick up where they left off. If you don't want to compete with your spouse, just pick any game you can play year after year. This could be a sport, card game, or even a board game.