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Thinking Outside of the Jewelry Box:

Unforgettable Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Your anniversary is coming up fast and you want to show your spouse how much they mean to you. Dinner and a movie? Been there done that. Jewelry? How cliché. Your spouse deserves an anniversary the two of you can look back on years from now and still smile about.

A 2003 study conducted by Cornell University found that possessions bring less happiness than experiences. In other words, true happiness is found when we're making memories together. And that's what all of these anniversary gift ideas have in common, they're memory makers.

Do a Triathlon (It's not what you think)

Swimming, cycling, and running are great activities, but should be banned from anniversary dates. What we're talking about here is putting together a list of three things you and your partner can do together (remember, the key here is to make memories).

You might take a dance lesson, go to a stand-up comedy show, and end the night riding a horse drawn carriage downtown. Whatever it is, your triathlon will create a trio of treasured memories the two of you can reminisce about for a long time.

A Modern Day Treasure Hunt

Everyone likes a treasure hunt. If you really want unique anniversary gift ideas, and technologically progressive anniversary gift idea then geocaching is for you. Geocaching involves using a GPS device to track down treasures planted all over town. People publish the coordinates of their treasures online and you and your spouse have to find them. And if you really wanted to be romantic, bury a special prize at the last stop and end your treasure hunt with a special gift.

Bucket List

Nothing creates more memories than crossing something off the old bucket list. Whether it's skydiving, going on a hot air balloon ride, or scuba diving, bucket list activities are memory makers like no other.

Surprise Trip

Remember the good old days when the two of you would spontaneously hit the road without thinking twice? A surprise trip brings an element of excitement and free-spiritedness that will break you loose from the mundane boringness of every day life. And it doesn't have to be a surprise trip to Paris (although it could be). If your budget doesn't allow for a trip to the Louvre, you plan a day trip to a winery, head out to the beach, or revisit the places where you first found love.

Do something Daring

If you and your spouse have a rebellious side then do something a little daring like sneaking into a movie, taking a late night skinny dip in a hotel pool, or getting inked. This will definitely get your heart pounding and create some lasting experiences you'll laugh about for a long time.


If couples bond over experiences, nothing creates a lasting bond than helping out others while doing it with the one you love. Find a cause the two of you can get behind and take action. Feed the homeless at the mission, spend some time at the dog rescue, or make a senior's day by hanging out at the retirement home. You'll make a difference and have a new appreciation of your spouse and your marriage.

Those are just a few of the best 'outside the jewelry box' anniversary ideas we could come up. Which one are you going to try?