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traditional vs modern gifts

Traditional vs. Modern Anniversary Gift ideas

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They say a gift is worth a thousand words and in the case of wedding anniversaries, a cheap card just won't do. Wedding anniversaries come along once a year. They are very easy to forget if you are wrapped up in work and family problems, but if you hope to enjoy a long-lasting marriage, it is a good idea not to forget your wedding anniversary.

Not everyone celebrates their wedding anniversary every year, but giving your spouse a gift as a token of your love and continuous commitment in remembrance of the day you exchanged vows is both prudent and romantic.

In the early years, when the romance factor in your relationship is still strong, it is easy to think of suitable gifts. However, as time goes on and your material needs lessen, it can become more difficult to think of an appropriate anniversary gift, and with a whole host of different traditional and modern anniversary gift ideas to choose from, life gets even more complicated. So which gift lift is the best . traditional or modern?

The Early Years
For the first twenty years of married life, gift materials come thick and fast and there is a traditional anniversary gift idea with a modern alternative for every year. Some years the gift materials are the same, but for the most part, they are slightly different. The traditional list features materials that were commonly available in years gone by, such as copper and wool, paper and tin, whereas the modern list features new entries such as appliances and desk sets.

The Middle Years
Between year 20 and 50, gift materials are only offered every five years. The modern list is different in this regard, with a gift material suggestion for every year, perhaps in recognition that most couples need to make as much effort as possible to keep the romance alive by this stage in the proceedings. The key anniversary materials in each list are identical, but if you are following the modern list, you can choose from orchids, furniture and transportation if you need inspiration.

The Home Stretch
If you are lucky enough to reach your fiftieth wedding anniversary, you should invest in a gold gift for your spouse. Thereafter it is precious stones all the way: diamonds, pearls, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.

Which List is the Best? There is no right or wrong anniversary gift and if push comes to shove, any gift is better than nothing! However, tradition dictates that we buy an appropriate anniversary gift for our spouse, so it is better to pick something made from a material on one or other list, particularly when the list starts mentioning precious metals and gemstones. In the early years, choose a gift from whichever list suits your pocket and aspirations. After all, it is the thought that counts. And in the later years the gift ideas are identical anyway, so you won't have to worry about which gift list to reference - just choose an appropriate gift and watch your spouse's face light up with joy.