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Handcrafted Anniversary Ideas from the Heart

By: Patrice Marrero
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When you want to give a gift from your heart, make it with your hands. You don't need to be Martha Stewart to get your craft on. A simple project can turn into a wonderful heirloom, which your husband or wife will cherish for a lifetime. When you pick your project, use materials that correlate with the traditional gifts for your anniversary year, for a special touch. These heartwarming gifts are priceless, while still being an economical option. You might even be able to find some of the necessary materials and tools lying around the house.

Create a Meaningful Collage
Get your glue sticks ready! Artists at any level can create a beautiful collage, which can be framed and hung in the bedroom. You'll need a frame, a strong piece of paper or cardboard to use as a background (make sure it fits in your chosen frame) and a glue stick. You can choose the rest of your materials to match your anniversary year. For example, if it is your first anniversary, you can use paper products. Cut out meaningful pictures and words out of magazines, search for beautiful scrapbook supplies and add any paper tokens you have picked up over the past year. For example, you may have concert or airline tickets leftover from your last adventure together. Other years this project would work well for are third (leather photo frame), fourth (pressed flowers), fifth (wood frame), sixth (bronze frame), 10th (tin frame), 13th (lace from wedding attire), 15th (crystal frame) and 25th (silver frame).

Stitch a Personalized Pillow
If you have a sewing machine, this project is for you. Create a pillow, using special fabric and high-quality filler. You can decorate it however you like, but make it something personal. You can add your last name and wedding date, or a favorite poem or saying. When you choose your fabric, remember that some are easier to sew than others. If you're a beginner, pick a fabric that will align with your abilities. This project will work great for a second anniversary gift. Choose a pretty cotton fabric, and embroider a sentimental message. Keep it on your bed as a throw pillow, so your spouse will be reminded how much you care before they go to sleep every single night. This project will also work for third anniversaries (use leather), twelfth anniversaries (silk or linen anniversary ideas) and thirteenth (use lace gift ideas).

If you're not feeling up to the task to stitch a pillow, here are some perfect i love you pillows.

Scribe a Handwritten Love Letter
With the advent of the internet, handwritten letters have fallen by the wayside, but that doesn't mean they aren't just as romantic, if not more, than they always have been. Use the finest stationary you can find and let your feelings flow onto the paper. Tell your spouse why you love them, why you couldn't live without them. Be true to your heart, and your other half will appreciate it more than anything money can buy. For a special touch, spritz the finished masterpiece with your signature perfume or cologne. Scent provokes emotion, so your gift will be even more moving. This gift works great for first anniversaries, for which the traditional gift is paper. Don't forget to seal the envelope with a kiss!
You don't need to be a millionaire to give a priceless gift. The best gifts come straight from the heart, and will be remembered for much longer than a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates.