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Five ways to make your 1st Wedding Anniversary Special

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If you are currently planning interesting ways to celebrate a first wedding anniversary, hearty congratulations on surviving the first year of marriage! All joking aside, many couples find that the first year of marriage is quite difficult. Not because of a lack of love, you understand, but because it can be hard to adjust to the banality of married life once the excitement of a wedding is long gone. But it doesn.t have to be the case.

With a bit of care and attention, keeping the romance alive will be a breeze, but if you want a few ideas on how to make your very first wedding anniversary super special, read on.

Anniversary Gifts
Traditional gifts for a first wedding anniversary should be to do with paper. On the non-traditional list we have gold jewellery, plastic and clocks. This gives you plenty of scope for coming up with an imaginative gift for your spouse.

Romantic Anniversary Ideas
  • Be artistic - If you have artistic leanings, now is the time to explore your creativity and produce something wonderfully romantic in time for your first wedding anniversary. Paper is a traditional gift, so start here. You could write a poem for your beloved, embellish it with photos from your wedding day, and then place it in a beautiful hand-painted frame. Or, make a relationship scrapbook and fill it with cute mementoes from your life together thus far.

  • Find the perfect gift - Anniversary gifts are important and although your spouse might be saying: .don.t worry about buying me something, we.re broke., now is not the time to be sensible. An anniversary gift should be thoughtful and appropriate. Since clocks are a modern gift idea for the first anniversary, how about buying him or her a watch? A simple but elegant timepiece needn.t cost a fortune, but will last for many years. You could even have it engraved with a special message.

  • Re-live the big day - Assuming your wedding day wasn.t a complete disaster punctuated by arguments and a huge family fall-out, dig out the wedding DVD and settle down on the sofa to enjoy the highlights all over again. And if you don.t have a DVD, look through photos together instead.

  • Organise a special day - This is not a day to be spent in wall-to-wall meetings at the office before heading out for a beer with work colleagues. Instead, book the day off work, ask your spouse.s boss if they can have the day off too (but don.t tell them!), and then organise a special day out as a lovely surprise. You don.t have to spend a fortune taking them somewhere decadently expensive . a romantic walk on the beach followed by a picnic if it is warm enough will be fantastic.

  • Dinner for two - Taking your spouse out for a meal is fine, but taking the time to cook them a special dinner is a lot more romantic. This level of effort shows you care, so dig the cookbooks out and start planning what dishes you are going to prepare.

Once you have the first wedding anniversary done and dusted, you can start looking forward to your second anniversary!