Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Couple

The perfect couple deserves the perfect anniversary gift, but finding that perfect gift can feel like an impossible task. Although it seems to be easy to find an anniversary gift that suits the situation based on how long the couple have been married, the gift that commemorates their union isn’t always accompanied by such easy-to-follow conventions. However, if the couple truly are perfect for each other, chances are they share some common interests that can make finding a wedding gift that they will both be happy with a little easier.

Whether they love to travel, work out together or sample adventurous new restaurants, most couples usually have a thing that’s theirs. It’s the shared interests and loves that make them a great couple. And it’s also the key to finding the most appropriate and unique anniversary gift for them. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect gift for the perfect couple, depending on what they value as a couple.

For The Active Couple

You very well may know an active couple — they’re the ones who spend their together time at the gym or running through their neighborhood. They’re also more likely to spend their anniversary rock climbing or white-water rafting than lounging by the pool or sleeping in late. For these couples, consider gifts such as:

· A heavy-duty blender — Making smoothies and other healthy drinks and snacks calls for a powerful blender, one with more features and functionality than the standard kitchen appliance normally given as a wedding gift.

· A waterproof HD video camera — A rugged, wearable camera can capture all of the happy couple’s outdoor adventures for posting to social media.

For The Foodie Couple

Some couples are never happier than when they’re in the kitchen testing out a new recipe, or being the first to get a table at the newest restaurant in town. Foodie couples bond over their shared love of all pleasures gastronomical. That means some great examples of gifts for them might include:

· Subscription boxes — There are plenty of subscription services out there that will send specially curated boxes of food items directly to the couple’s door every month. Whether these boxes include ready-to-make meals, unique spices or unusual snacks, one of these boxes will ensure they always have something new to sample.

· Cooking classes — What better way is there to strengthen the bond between a food-loving couple than a couples cooking class? This gift is one that continues giving long after the wedding day.

For The Romantic Couple

There are certain couples who just give off a special glow, and friends and family can make a big impression on them by choosing wedding gifts that celebrate the deep love they have for each other. For example, gifts for these extra-romantic couples might include:

· A flower garden — Planting tulips or other anniversary flowers will beautify the happy couple’s home as well as serve as a perennial reminder of their love.

· Customized wall art — Transforming the couple’s wedding vows into a piece of customized canvas wall art creates a unique piece of home décor that will showcase the love they share for everyone to see.

For The Traveling Couple

Some married couples just can’t stay in one place for long, and their shared desire to see the world is the cornerstone of their relationship. A wedding gift that they can use in their travels can be a great way to show them how much you care. Here are some ideas:

· Matching passport covers — For the couple who crosses the oceans regularly, a set of monogrammed passport covers is a classy way to keep their paperwork in order.

· Scrapbook supplies — Traveling means creating memories, and giving the traveling couple some elegant scrapbooking supplies provides the opportunity to collect those memories into one book that they can look at again and again.

When two people are perfect for each other, it’s a reason to celebrate. When an anniversary gift is perfect for those two people, it’s a celebration of their love as well as something they will put to good use throughout the rest of their lives together. Every annivesary gift is appreciated, but the perfect gift is one that a couple can cherish forever.

Jared Rocha is founder of Canvas Vows, a company that specializes in personalized home decor based on life’s memorable moments. Rocha is an entrepreneur at heart, and loves running and growing businesses centered around products that people love.


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