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Top Wedding Anniversary gift ideas.

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

By the fourth wedding anniversary, a relationship is blossoming well, which is why flowers are the traditional gift for this marriage milestone. Traditionally, couples were presented with baskets of fresh fruit or flowers on their fourth wedding anniversary, to signify how their relationship had flourished. Alternatively, modern fourth anniversary gift traditions include linen, silk, nylon,… Read More »

The Secret to the Perfect Anniversary Gift

When your wedding anniversary is coming up, it can be difficult to think of an anniversary gift that is just right. You want something original, rather than clichéd, something your partner will be thrilled and delighted by, and which makes them feel loved, appreciated and understood. You also, of course, want a gift that shows… Read More »

Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration for your wedding anniversary gift for this year, then travel can be a great theme. Whether you use this literally and plan a trip, or buy something that is inspired by trips you have already taken together, travel can be a fitting gift theme because marriage is all about… Read More »

Bizarre Wedding Traditions From Around the World

If you are trying to come up with an interesting idea for an anniversary gift, why not take inspiration from some of the bizarre customs associated with marriage around the world? Here are some of the many strange things people in different parts of the world do as part of wedding traditions: Dissecting a Chicken… Read More »

Five Ways to Make Your 5th Wedding Anniversary the Best One Ever

Anniversaries are special times. Or at least they should be! Hopefully, by the time you reach your fifth wedding anniversary you and your spouse have settled into married life and are looking forward to celebrating five happy years together. So how can you make your fifth wedding anniversary really special?