Anniversary Birdbath Gifts

Buying something that makes the home and garden you share even more beautiful is a lovely way to celebrate a wedding anniversary, and a birdbath can be the ideal way to commemorate years of marriage with something stylish and enduring that you can enjoy together for years to come.

If you have a garden your spouse enjoys spending time in, and they are something of a nature lover, a birdbath can be an original yet appropriate present for them. All you have to do is choose the right design!

Birdbaths in Different Materials

You can find gorgeous birdbaths in just about any material that is suitable for long term outdoor use, but they all weather differently and have different pros and cons.

Cement birdbath gifts are incredibly resilient and can be crafted into just about any design, from classical through art deco and on to more modernist styles. Cement birdbaths also tend to age in a way that looks natural and gives a charming, antique appearance to your garden.

Glass birdbaths look stunning and are great for gardens that are well sheltered and receive a lot of light. Naturally, they are more fragile than cement or metals, however, so may not be such a good choice for an exposed garden.

Copper and bronze birdbaths are a great idea if you want a rich metal color, and interesting effects as the metal weathers in the outdoors. Bronze is the most durable of the two but copper can give a bright, eye-catching effect as a garden centerpiece.

Another popular choice is cast iron. This can allow for a stylish Gothic look, and can certainly withstand the elements, but it is going to be extremely heavy to have delivered and placed where you want it!

Birdbaths for Traditional Anniversary Years

Garden gifts are a lovely idea for any anniversary, but if you like to follow the traditional gift years, then there are several anniversaries that lend themselves to a birdbath.

The 7th anniversary has copper as its gift material, so could be an ideal time to introduce a copper birdbath to your garden. A glass birdbath can be an interesting take on the 15th anniversary, for which the traditional gift material is crystal, but for which glass can also be appropriate. Bronze is the traditional material for the 19th year, and iron for the 6th anniversary.

There isn’t a year where cement or other garden materials are used, but you can go by the traditional colors for each year instead. Terracotta is the color for the 9th wedding anniversary, whereas off-white is used for the 7th anniversary. White itself is used for the 13th anniversary.

You can also consider anniversaries where furniture or garden gifts are traditional (garden furniture and decorations still count!). The 29th anniversary and 17th anniversary both have furniture in their traditions, and the modern traditional gift for the 27th anniversary year is sculpture, which your birdbath can certainly be classed as.

As you can see, birdbaths are a wonderful gift idea whether you are looking for a traditional gift or just something that will delight your spouse!

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