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AnniversariesByYear.com has alot of Anniversary related content available for Bloggers and other related sites to use provided a backlink to http://anniversariesbyyear.com is configured for each piece of content. Here is a list of available content:
Who is this for?
Social Users
Content Creators
Anyone interested in Anniversary content
Types of Content
Anniversary Infographics
Anniversary Articles
Anniversary Theme Lists
Anniversary Videos
Anniversary RSS Feed (coming soon)

Why should you use our Content?

Increase your backlinks (SEO)
Keep your online presence Relevant with up to date content (SEO)
We already created it for you, saves you valuable time
It's Free, save you money
It's Creative
Browse our site (using the links in the table above) and if you find content that you would like to use on your site, email us at support@anniversariesbyyear.com and depending on the content we may endorse you. If you don't find anything on your site but you need a custom graphic, content, article or you simply want us to endorse your content then email us at support@anniversariesbyyear.com and we'll review the request and get back to you within 48 hours.

Why is our Content Free?

We believe that Sharing is the best way to build our online presence. The more we share and the more Free stuff we provide is a clear indication that we are relevant with our audiences.

What's in it for AnniversariesByYear?

We require that anyone who uses our content includes a link back to http://anniversariesbyyear.com, this helps increase our traffic and Online presence.

Types of Backlinks that you can use to Credit us for the content you use

LinkHTML Code
5th Anniversary<a href=http://anniversariesbyyear.com>5th Anniversary</a>
Anniversary Ideas<a href=http://anniversariesbyyear.com>Anniversary Ideas</a>

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