4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

By | February 13, 2017

By the fourth wedding anniversary, a relationship is blossoming well, which is why flowers are the traditional gift for this marriage milestone. Traditionally, couples were presented with baskets of fresh fruit or flowers on their 4th wedding anniversary, to signify how their relationship had flourished. Alternatively, modern fourth anniversary gift traditions include linen, silk, nylon, and appliances – at this time in a marriage, couples will often appreciate these useful gifts as they build their life together. Here are some great gift ideas for a fourth wedding anniversary.

4th Anniversary

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Fresh or Artificial Flowers

If you are wondering what to buy for your wife for your fourth wedding anniversary, you certainly won’t go wrong with a bouquet of fresh flowers. For decades, giving flowers has been seen as a romantic act that’s popular at Valentine’s Day and on wedding anniversaries. Fresh flowers are a wonderful gift for your wedding anniversary, or artificial ones can be used as they won’t die or wither. Red roses make a romantic wedding anniversary gift.

Floral Scented Candles

Scented candles can make excellent gifts, and a candle with a floral scent can be a great fourth anniversary gift that ties in with the traditional theme. A scented candle or oil burner makes a lovely, thoughtful gift, and opting for relaxing, soothing scents such as lavender is a nice way to give your significant other some time for themselves, especially if you have children now!

Silk Bed Sheets

Bed sheets may be a very practical gift, but who doesn’t love sleeping in fresh bed linen? Silk bed sheets are great if you’re thinking of getting a gift that ties in with the modern fourth anniversary theme, and they’re an appropriate gift for couples to give each other or to give to friends or family members who are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary. Or, silk pajamas can be a very thoughtful gift for bringing more luxury and comfort to bed time.

Coffee Maker

Traditionally, flowers were given as gifts for a 4th anniversary, however, in the modern age of today, it’s a good point in a relationship to give the gift of appliances. Although your wife may never forgive you if you present her with a new iron or vacuum, a coffee machine  is a great, useful appliance for your home that you’ll both be able to enjoy.

Blue Topaz Jewelry

Finally, the anniversary gemstone for the fourth anniversary is the blue topaz or blue zircon, so if you’re planning on buying your partner a stunning piece of jewelry for your fourth wedding anniversary, this is a great thing to keep in mind. If you don’t think that your partner would enjoy any of the traditional or modern gift themes, jewelry is a great choice for both men and women that can be gifted at any anniversary.

Traditionally, flowers are given as gifts for a fourth wedding anniversary. Or, if you like to keep with the times, you can choose from the modern themes of linen, silk, and appliances!

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