Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By | January 17, 2017

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day Ideas!

Valentines Gift Ideas!

Valentine’s Day can be tricky. You want to make it special, without doing the same thing every year. But with birthdays, anniversaries and other events across the year, it can be difficult to keep coming up with new ideas. Here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your loved one.


Jewelry is always at the top of anyone’s Valentine’s Day gift list. Nothing makes a woman feel special, and loved, in quite the same way as receiving a beautiful piece of jewelry for the person she loves. To make a statement, go for diamonds. Or, for timeless elegance and grace, consider a simple pearl necklace. Men’s jewelry is often overlooked as a gift, but there is more available than ever. From watches, to rings and bracelets.


Lingerie is a fantastic way of guaranteeing a Valentine’s Day to remember. Show her how well you know her by buying something she loves. Just make sure you get the right size!

Framed Photographs

A gorgeous photo frame, perhaps engraved with a special message, with a photograph of a particularly special time for the two of you is the perfect gift. Consider including a picture from your wedding day, or a memorable holiday.

A Scrapbook

A scrapbook can make a truly wonderful gift, for a man or woman. Start with a beautifully designed, large, perhaps leather bound, notebook or journal. Fill its pages with photographs, notes, poems, stories, tickets from events or holidays, and anything else you can think of that means something to you both. This is an incredibly thoughtful gift, and shows how much you care, and that you remember all of the important times. Just remember to leave some pages blank, to catalogue all your future adventures.


With roses, you can go for the traditional, either a single red rose, or a large bouquet. Or if you think that this is a bit of a cliché and want something a little different, why not go for a rose plant for your garden, so you can grow your own. Other alternatives include having a rose named after your loved one, a crystal rose ornament, or handmade paper roses.

Something for the Home

Why not add a little romance to your home? Something you see on a daily basis, such as pillowcases. These can be a constant reminder of your love for each other.


While gadgets might not seem traditionally romantic, they can be a great way to show you know your partner, and what they need or want. An E-reader can be a great gift, especially if you download some of their favorite books. Another fabulous option is a camera, to capture all those important moments in the future.

You know your partner better than anyone. Try to think of something that will mean something to them. Remember, you don’t need to be traditionally romantic. Think of places you’ve been and experiences you have shared. Anything that is personal to you as a couple, can be romantic and a great way of reminding you both of the good times you have shared

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