2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas 

By | January 3, 2017

Reaching your second wedding anniversary is definitely cause for celebration, so now is an excellent time to start thinking about how you want to mark the occasion. I’m sure you have something romantic planned, but in order to make this special day perfect, you need to buy the right gift.

2nd anniversary

2nd anniversary gift ideas

By the time you hit your second wedding anniversary, you will have settled into married life together. This doesn’t mean you should skip the romance and start taking each other for granted, but it does mean you can buy each other more practical anniversary gifts, if appropriate.

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Themes

Cotton is a traditional second wedding anniversary theme, which is ideal if you want to buy a practical gift for your partner. However, practical does not necessarily need to be boring, so don’t worry that your other half will be disappointed on the day. If you prefer to follow the modern theme, it’s china for a second anniversary.

Luxurious Bedding for a 2nd Anniversary Gift

Egyptian cotton towels or bedding make an excellent choice for a second wedding anniversary gift – and one that you can benefit from, too! Egyptian cotton is gloriously luxurious and feels amazing against naked skin, so if you have a romantic evening planned, perhaps ending in the bedroom, make up the bed in decadent Egyptian cotton sheets, add some cute personalized pillowcases such as these, and look forward to some special time!

Gifts of Jewelry 

No doubt your other half will appreciate a small piece of jewelry for her 2nd anniversary gift. Garnets and rose quartz are the gemstone for this anniversary, so look for gift ideas that feature either of these two gemstones.

It is not always easy to buy jewelry for a woman, as most of them have very specific ideas about what they like – and don’t like. A red garnet pendant is a good choice, as this will look beautiful with any outfit, but be creative and see what pieces of jewelry you can find.

If you want to be super romantic, buy the woman in your life an “I Love You” 24k gold pendant. You can personalize it in up to 120 different languages, so no matter what language you speak, this is a really romantic gift.

China Gifts

Since china is a modern theme for the second anniversary, you can buy tableware, mugs, and anything else made from china, including vases, ceramic statues and other collectibles.

Red signifies a second wedding anniversary, which is handy because red roses are about as romantic as you can get. Your partner will be delighted to receive a gift of red roses on the big day, but if for some reason she is allergic to flowers, buy her some gorgeous glass red roses or a decorative rose gift instead. You can even add a lovely china vase to your gift package!

Put lots of care and attention into choosing a thoughtful second wedding anniversary gift and you are guaranteed to reach your third wedding anniversary!

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