Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gifts for the 20th Year of Marriage

By | September 30, 2015

The 20th wedding anniversary is seen as a major milestone in a marriage. For many couples, this is the first time they have a family celebration for their wedding anniversary rather than celebrating alone as a couple, and after 20 years, it could be that you have children or even grandchildren to share the occasion with, as well as friends and other well wishers.

While every wedding anniversary is an important day to celebrate all of the things you have shared and to reinforce that love is still strong between you, after 20 years you need to find a gift that is really special and really captures the strength of a marriage that has lasted so long.

By the normal traditions of wedding gift materials, china is used for the 20th, though many more modern lists of anniversary materials choose platinum for the 20th. The gemstone associated with the 20th anniversary is the emerald. Here are some ideas that incorporate these themes:

China Gifts

China is a beautiful material for homeware, and decorative china vases (filled with flowers, of course) can be a thoughtful and romantic traditional gift that will also brighten up your home and remind you of the special occasion for years to come. China tea sets can be an elegant choice for tea drinkers, or china picture frames showing pictures from the wedding, or of important events from the past 20 years like the births of your children. If you want to make an unusual twist on the china theme, you could also consider going on a once in a lifetime celebratory vacation – to China, or choose something beautiful in a Chinese style like a painting or sculpture.

Platinum Gifts

Platinum is a truly special metal and can make for some stunning jewelry that can be a wonderful anniversary gift for your wife. A platinum ring that compliments her wedding ring can be a lovely, romantic gesture, and if that is outside of your budget, platinum plated silver is also an option. For a more unisex gift using the platinum theme, go with the color rather than the metal – for example this beautiful dinnerware trimmed in cobalt blue and platinum.

Emerald Gifts

The lustrous green of a real emerald is a beautiful thing, and emerald jewelry can be a gift your wife will treasure. A simulated emerald pendant can also be a nice choice if you don’t have the budget for true emerald pieces, giving the same gorgeous color and keeping with the traditional 20th anniversary theme. Of course, emerald can also be used as a color theme if you are not looking for jewelry as a gift, and you can find beautiful emerald green clothing, sheets, glassware, and ornamental trinkets that can be used as gifts that keep with the theme but perhaps appeal more to your husband or wife’s tastes than jewels.

The 20th anniversary is a truly special one, so make sure you find a gift worthy of a marriage that covers so many years of shared experiences!

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