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Jewelry : The Perfect Anniversary Gift

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When many people think of an anniversary, they think of jewelry. Why? It is one of the most elegant things a person can own. It also takes forethought to choose the perfect piece that your significant other will love. Whether you are celebrating 5 years or 50 years together, the perfect piece of jewelry can help you show your loved one just what they mean to you.

Traditional Years for Jewelry

Although the origins of the traditional anniversary gift material list remain clouded in mystery, it is clear that couples have been using it as a gift-giving guide for over 200 years. Why throw out a good thing?

Many anniversaries on the traditional list call for the use of metals and other materials that can be used to create jewelry, which makes it the perfect gift for those years. Consider the following anniversary guide:
While these are certainly not the most common materials that are formed into icing, the effort it takes for an individual to seek out and find such items could mean an immense amount to a spouse. Leather jewelry can be beautifully intricate and personalized, as can wood. Although the idea of a completely iron or copper piece may be off-putting, consider finding an item that uses other metals as a base and incorporate the traditional metal into the piece to make it fit the anniversary. If you wish to stick to the list you will need to be patient to make it to the really expensive metals. Silver debuts at the 25th anniversary, pearl at the 30th, and gold only shows up at the 50th.

Throwing Tradition Aside

Who says you need to stick to traditional anniversary lists? If you are really intent on sticking to a list, but still want to give your loved one a nice piece of jewelry before you turn 50, a more modern list may be appropriate. Many modern lists includes a metal or gem every year that can easily be used as a guide for the perfect piece on that special day. While there are many modern lists from which people can choose, they often begin with gold jewelry on the 1st anniversary, pearls come on the 3rd, silver stays at the 25th and diamond can be found on the 30th.

Think of Him

Women aren't the only ones who love a nice piece on their wrist or a stunning ring. Men can enjoy jewelry as much as any woman, so don't neglect your man's desire for a beautiful piece of jewelry on their anniversary. Some common gift ideas include wrist watches, cuff links, tie clips, rings, and even necklaces. Pocket watches make an excellent gift for men with a traditional look, and a modern pair of cuff links could enhance the sleek lines that a modern man prefers. Choosing a nice piece of anniversary jewelry can be a fun task every year. Simply take the time to think about your loved one's style, what they usually wear, and what they have told you in the past and you can come up with something outstanding that they will cherish forever.