The Secret to the Perfect Anniversary Gift

By | December 12, 2016

When your wedding anniversary is coming up, it can be difficult to think of an anniversary gift that is just right. You want something original, rather than clichéd, something your partner will be thrilled and delighted by, and which makes them feel loved, appreciated and understood. You also, of course, want a gift that shows a lot of thought has gone into it, so they know you didn’t just remember yesterday that you had to buy something!

One thing that can always make for a good anniversary gift is, strangely, to pick something you can both use together. For other occasions like birthdays or the holidays it is nice to buy your loved one something that is just for them, however for the anniversary, something that you would use together, which shows you want to spend time with them doing something nice, is always a more romantic option – even if it is something that doesn’t look that romantic to anyone on the outside like sports gear!

Here are some ideas for anniversary gifts that suggest spending some quality time as a couple:

Things You Can Play

A little bit of fun competition as a couple can be exciting, and if you do a game or sports activity together you can challenge each other, spend time together and also help each other improve. Something like matching tennis rackets can be a good choice, or if you want something you can do at home, a games console with some good two player games, or a home billiards table can be a really fun thing to present your husband or wife with on the important day!

Things That Fit Your Lifestyle Together

Your everyday life as a couple is probably full of little things you love to do together, like sharing a cup of coffee in the morning before work, or relaxing with a nightcap before bed. Think of those little times throughout the day that are special to you and buy something that can make them even better, like a nice coffee maker, or a fancy bottle opener. If you are more of a fitness couple and coffee or wine aren’t for you, then a great juicer or smoothie maker can be an equally good choice!

Things to Help You Entertain

Part of the fun of your life together is of course, spending time with your extended families and your friends. If you both love having other people over to your home, then gifts that can be used alone as a couple or when you are entertaining can be a nice touch, for example this stunning outdoor fire pit and drinks cooler, which is ideal for a summer barbecue whether it’s just the two of you or the whole family who’ll be enjoying it!

When you are choosing an anniversary gift, look for something that really fits in to your life together, and you will be able to find something that looks thoughtful and also really celebrates the great times you have together as a married couple.

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